Sunday, July 8, 2012

Colorado Potato Beetle....Gotcha!

I've been on the lookout for these guys because if you let them get out of hand, they can destroy your potato crop and tomato crop and eggplant crop. The Colorado Potato Beetle female can lay up to 800 eggs under the leaves of the plant it's attacking. You'll know that you have babies if you see little orange bugs with black spots going down both sides of their bodies. They are very prolific because they easily develop insecticide resistance. They're smart too, if you're picking them off the tops of the leaves in the morning. To get away, they immediately drop off the plant so you can't find them and then crawl back up to eat some more. So if you're picking them, you have to make sure you have a container under the leaves to catch them. My grandfather use to have a jar with gas at the bottom and use to pick them and drop them in the gas. Instant dead. When my potato bugs get out of control, I buy an organic but bug deadly powder that I dust on the potato plants. It's made out of rotenone and works really really well. I have so many potatoes that if I do have an infestation, I buy the stuff by the gallon. It doesn't take long before they are eradicated!

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