Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Making Freezer Jam

It's amazing how quickly one forgets how to make freezer jam when one hasn't made any for a few years. I took out my box of pectins and concoctions ready to make jam. My liquid pectin had turned to gel and was unusable and then I came across an envelope of powder pectin made by Club House for reduced sugar freezer jam. I made a batch of that one up...now I remember how good home made jam tastes! With one and a half gallons of raspberries, I made one full sugar batch and one reduced sugar batch. I had a partial jar from one batch and that one went directly into the refrigerator for tomorrow morning's breakfast! I did take most of the seeds out of the raspberries, hate it when it gets stuck in dental work. With all the moves we've made, it's been a while since I made any homemade anything...I'm back on track now!

I'm hoping to make some freezer Strawberry jam also, with the lack of rain, I'm not getting large crops and the guys I live with, eat them all up. Which is fine, but I'd like enough just to make one batch of freezer jam! Just one! 

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