Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mother Nature's Bounty

6 AM and I was out picking beans and peas before the heat of the day. The yellow beans were ready as well as the green...purple beans are a bit later. A few of the peas were ready and so we picked those too. The surprise was the potatoes as we haven't had much rain and haven't had time to hill the I thought I was just going to check to see if there were small potatoes near the top that needed picking. Lo and behold I had good sized potatoes ready to pick! Lunch today consisted of potato/onion packages on the BBQ with steamed green beans and fresh peas. You just can't beat that. This is one of the main reasons I garden...good food cooked simply.
We also ended up picking potato bugs off the plants. Tonight, when there is no longer a breeze, all the potato plants will be treated. Hungry baby potato bugs can eat a potato plant in short order if they are not taken care of.
The heat has literally made the squash and corn explode over night. There's no more room in the garden even to walk in some places! This year I just have an incredible garden!
 My first baby cuke. He's about an inch and a half long. My cucumbers had a rough start. First of all, I planted 5 different kinds of seed. None came up...probably too cold and wet OR wire worms got the seeds. Planted a second time when it was warmer and they came up really well. In the mean time I planted two greenhouse cucumber plants and the wind decided to beat them silly. So between the seeded plants and transplanted plants, there's not much difference. I find when I seed them myself straight into the garden, that they grow a lot better than the hot house transplants. 

So far, this year, my garden is growing beyond my expectations. Way better than last year!

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