Thursday, July 5, 2012

There's Just Somthing about spending time in the garden...

After a long day at work, I retreated to the garden to water last night. Even though there have been lots of storms around us with all kinds of rain, we've been missed so far and spared the ugly stuff like hail. So I was out watering for several hours and weeding in between moving my hose. It was just so peaceful and the air smelled so fresh and my plants were all smiling...yes smiling! The heat has made them double and triple in size in a very short time. I added the last of the soil for my potato barrels last night. So now, all they have to do is flower and produce. My son picked a nice bowl of strawberries. I have lettuce coming out of my ying yang and it is sooooo good. The everlasting spinach is ready...I just have to wash it and it's ready to steam. There was a slight breeze and the skeeters stayed away until the sun started to I put my Off skeeter machine on my belt and started the fan...a couple of minutes later...they were all gone and I finished watering in peace. I'm hoping for a good rain soon, we need it. Garden angels please keep the hail away from my plants!

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  1. Thanks fore sharing your lovely garden Diane. I appreciate you stopping by and following my blog. I don't do a lot of gardening - just dabble now and then. Happy Sunday.