Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yes you can grow grapes in Saskatchewan!

I took this photo on the weekend, these are my jelly grapes growing on the South side of the house. They are planted and mulched and watered occasionally. They love it there!
These are grapes I grew at our old farm. The plants were well established and I picked enough off of two plants to make several batches of the best grape jelly I've ever eaten! I did move my old vines to the new place but the neighbor's dog dug up all the plants that I transplanted that fall and summer. So I started again and planted Beta and Foch grapes one more time. I did add other varieties but those grow the best for me in my climate. The jelly made from these grapes are so flavorful and the jelly is more like a really thick syrup. Just thinking about that jelly makes my mouth water. 

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