Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garden in full swing

Yes, I have been neglecting my blog! Or blogs in my case. We have not had rain in almost two months. Luckily, I have been using my reserved water sparingly. I'm down to my last quarter of a tank from the original 1200 gallons. Watering has been a challenge. I've been spot watering to conserve water and watering alternatively different parts of my garden every night. Today, I'm happy to share photos of my wonderful garden!
This is the great excitement in my garden....a tiny watermelon that has doubled in size in three days. I have tried for years to grow watermelons and cantaloupe and my garden is not frost free long enough for them to mature...this year, I may taste my first home grown watermelon! 
All my cabbage family plants are growing really well. The broccoli and Chinese cabbage  have also grown really well this year. We've been keeping down the population of caterpillars and so far minimum damage to the leaves.
My tomatoes are finally setting fruit. It has been so hot that many of the plants in my garden were not setting fruit. We had a few days of Grace and the bees were very very busy! My tomato plants love this heat and are up to my waist in height! They are full of blooms and should yield a great crop!

The apples and plums and cherries are not having a good year. We have very very little fruit. Too cool a Spring, then too wet and now dry hot weather. We have been watering to save them. The little bit of fruit we had is not in very good shape.  I guess, it's next year country!

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