Sunday, August 5, 2012

Preserving dill weed

Dill grows wild in my garden. Every year, dill pops up all over the place and we leave it grow and go to seed. When I have way too much, I harvest the dill weed. Some I wash and dry in my fruit/veggie dryer and some I freeze. A friend of mine of Ukrainian heritage, told me that she always freezes hers just like her mom taught her how and how her mother taught her how. The fine dill weed is washed and then let to drip dry on a towel and then frozen in baggies, no blanching involved. So this year, I dried some and then I froze some too. The dill in the photograph is in flower and will go into seed. Some of the seed I will save and the other seed I will leave so that come next Spring, more dill will grow wild in my garden once again. Dill is a no fuss no muss herb that grows like a weed.

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