Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The quick way to make sauerkraut

The best part of gardening is that you get to make really good food with the most delicious ingredients! I picked ten medium sized cabbages. So I went looking for a good sauerkraut recipe. My mom made some every fall for us and we use to love to sneak and steal it and eat it raw. I still have the crocks to make it in but I wanted to downsize as it's only my husband and I now most of the year. I didn't want to can anything, just don't have the time to spend doing that. So I researched making sauerkraut and found it it's now called Fermented vegetables.

There are three videos that are pretty good:

1) A very technical one with all the measures and correct temps for fermentation...well worth the watch:

2) a kitchen cook's version:

3) a fun version to watch: (not too sure about the feet stomping lol

I used half gallon canning jars that my mom had stored in her basement. I went with the directions in the first video and will store them in the refrigerator when fermentation is done and eat them within three months. Upon doing some research on the health benefits of fermented vegetables, I came across these two videos:

I found them interesting in regards to regaining health and living a healthy life. I'm always looking for healthy ways to eat and cook good fresh ingredients.

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