Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time to Harvest Sunflower Seeds

 This is my sunflower seed crop. Pretty descent considering that I never watered them for most of the summer and that we didn't get any rain. Tough plants.
 This head was about 12 inches across with nice juicy plump seeds. The birds were already diving into them.
 I made the mistake last year of cutting off the heads and bringing them into the garage to dry. They all went moldy. I understand why, if one breaks the head in half, you find that it is really nice and soft and spongy with lots of moisture. No wonder farmers have to wait until November to harvest these or even Spring.
This is my bowl of seeds. I still have to dry them out as they still have a really high moisture content. There is about two ice cream pails of seeds in this large bowl. They are currently drying on my counter spread out on an old towel. We tasted them, they are delicious! Once dry, I will be saving some of the healthy seeds for next year. I'm not even going to bother to cook them, they are just as delicious raw.


  1. You know, I forget about this blog and tend to think only of your crafting blog, but your mention of pink apple butter had me hopping over here to request the recipe. It sounds so interesting..
    Fun to see your sunflower seed harvest!!!

  2. Ill look it up this weekend and post it for you, my guys love it!