Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fixing a 65 pound pumpkin

That darn thing has been sitting patiently on my kitchen floor since we picked it. Today my husband and I took care of that pumpkin!
This is how thick the rind of the pumpkin was. It varied from two inches to 4 inches thick. It smelled so good as we were cutting through it. It was easy to cut the outside peeling off and easy to scoop the rind and seeds out. We cut the pumpkin into large chunks, just the correct size for stews and froze them in small plastic bags. I kept enough aside to cook in my two large dutch ovens. After they were cooked I pureed with my stick blender and measured out the pumpkin into two cup portions and froze them. We only threw out 4 gallon pails to the horses which was really quite amazing.
What surprised us the most were the small amount of seeds that this large pumpkin had buried in it's pulp. No wonder the seeds are so expensive in the seed catalogs, there aren't very many. I had bought a pumpkin at the grocery store just for the seeds. I hate to waste anything, so I cooked up that one too. It smelled terrible! I threw it out! The home grown pumpkin was far better smelling! I found that really strange.

My pumpkin seeds are air drying on the counter so that I can grow more next year. In all my years of growing pumpkins, this was the first year I was this successful!

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