Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

This blog has been kind of neglected for a while. I think I've gone into hibernation for the winter.
Even the dog is not feeling the "gardening" thing. She's usually the first out the door, but not today. 

January is always the time for garden catalogs and ordering seeds one usually cannot get in the stores. I love trying new seeds and plants. This year, I'm investing in a grow light for nicer, stronger plants. Even though I have large windows to the South of the house, my plants still go spindly. 

I'm also still on the hunt for the perfect growth container that causes minimal transplant shock. I have an idea, which I will share later this month. 

As for today, it's a lazy day and gardening is in the future...like a couple of months away.

Happy New Year!

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