Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gotcha you little Imp!

 Well, sometimes indoor gardening has it's own pests. You can't spray them and they run fast when in trouble. This is our dog stealing from my potted lettuce and not letting go of the goods. So we bathed her with goods in mouth. She had rolled in the dirt outside when I took her for a walk. I can't plant my experiment because the garden still has 2-3 feet of snow still covering it. Can't wait for it to melt!
 I was really skeptical when I found this idea on Pinterest. But it works! I planted the bottom ends of the celery and lo and behold they started to grow! I'm impressed!
 The celery worked....would the lettuce? Yes, yes it does! If you look closely at the bottom of the photo, there are indentations in the soil. Yup, you guessed it...the poodle was hankering for her veggies.
Seedling growing under a grow light. We still have lots of much snow on that garden!

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