Sunday, May 12, 2013

Climbing Roses In Saskatchewan??? Of course!

I have successfully grown a climbing rose in Saskatchewan and it lived three seasons. Last year, I couldn't find a replacement. BUT this year, I found three at Wally World. Two yellow and a red. The last time I had a climbing rose, it was yellow and the blooms on it were beautiful. They do grow out to about three feet high, but our season isn't long enough for them to grow taller. I just love the flowers!

So, the climbing rose was planted on the south side of the house and mulched and fertilized with rose food and it did fine for three seasons. Then I lost it. But that year, I lost a lot of perennials and bushes of various kinds due to the weird Spring. It warmed up too quickly and then froze hard. 

These roses will die back right to the ground and grow back from underneath so they look like they're dead but they're not. Just a bit of a warning. They are the last of my roses to grow in the Spring.

Now, I'm just waiting for the ground to thaw out and dry out and these three little beauties will be planted shortly on the South side of my house.

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