Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finally, able to garden!

While, most people were out planting potatoes in their gardens, I had to wait for the 4 feet of snow to melt. These past two weekends I had to enlist the family for help to get everything in as quickly as possible. I ordered a couple of old varieties of potatoes to grow along with my Vikings and Purple potatoes. French Fingerling and Sangre are older varieties that I had never tried. Then, I found German Butterball at the local garden centre...so I bought some of those too. I wanted to see what old varieties tasted like before they were changed by lab breeding.

Many of my garden seeds were of the Heritage variety this year. I had to hunt and special order, but I found most of the seeds that I wanted. Last year, I had emailed McFayden asking if their seeds were genetically modified and they said that they were not. I prefer to eat as close to nature as I can...I don't want seeds that I don't know or understand how they will affect my body when I eat the produce.

So what did I seed and plant this year? Lots of greens so that I can juice as much as I want. Lots of celery and some tomatoes. Root veggies like taters, beets, carrots and 4 plants of celeriac. Lots of cabbage and my personal favorite, Napa cabbage. Brussel sprouts for the fall and broccoli for the duration of the summer. Oh and 1 row of corn to eat off the cob.

Prizehead leaf lettuce and Everlasting Spinach were the first to go in. Radishes went in at the tail end of the garden...just because I didn't have time to put them in early because it was so muddy. That's about it. I'm hoping to have time tonight to add a few rows of flowers...just because.

Now, I have to start the weeding!

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