Monday, June 10, 2013

Grape vines, you can never tell if they're dead Oye!

Once again, I am replacing grape vines. The thing though is that the grape vines look dead every Spring and they also start growing their leaves at different times. So I thought I waited long enough to let them grow so I could replace. I went to pull out one of the dead vines and it would not come out! It started to rain so I never got back to transplanting until two days later. The darn thing had a leaf on was alive!

So now I have an extra one.

Once established, grape vines are hard to lose to winter kill. Apparently, I'm closer to that point than I thought! I have ten of them...they make the best grapy jelly, you can't buy how good that home made jelly tastes!

I have lost a few plants this Spring but no fruit trees were lost at all! Cedars, well that's another story. I love Cedars but boy are they hard to get started out here. One more time, I'm replacing! Hopefully this year is the charm!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Off with your head!

Rhubarb grows quickly when it gets going. It also goes up into flower quickly too. So, when I see the flower heads, they quickly get lopped off. I certainly don't need any seeds as two plants is plenty. Flower heads also suck a lot of energy out of the plant.

So, maybe rhubarb cake or jelly is on the list of things to do tomorrow? Mmmmmmm