Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sun Dried Tomatoes in the Oven

I had a couple of bowls of tomatoes left from the gallons and gallons I picked. So this morning I had time to research a recipe and jump right in. It was super easy and as they are cooking right now, they smell totally awesome!

I found this page through Pinterest with an awesome how to video:

Sun Dried Tomato video

That was my starting point. I washed my tomatoes and cut off the flower end. Then, I cut the tomatoes in half. I then took the seeds and juice out of the halves with my thumbs...much easier than using a spoon. Next, I covered each of my cookie sheets with tin foil. Then I proceeded to lay the tomatoes side by side barely touching and filled the whole cookie sheet.

The herbs I sprinkled over top were salt and pepper, garlic and oregano. I sprinkled sparingly for my first try because the tomatoes shrink at least by half and the spices are going to be more concentrated.

I then took some extra virgin olive oil (organic) and drizzled over all the tomatoes. The tomatoes were then popped into the oven at 200F. They cooked there for almost 5 hours. I turned off the heat and opened the oven doors and let the tomatoes cool.
 Next, I took out some small canning jars and packed my cooled tomatoes into the jars, packing as I went. To release as much of the air pockets as I could, I took a dull table knife and gently went around the inside of the jars releasing the trapped air. Then, I covered the packed tomatoes with more olive oil. I screwed on the lids and Voila! they were ready for the freezer!
I did have to rescue some from my husband as he was busy taste testing them before I could get them into the jars. Lots of mmmmmmm and "These are good" going on. Not everything I've tried gets those kinds of reviews!


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  1. What a great way of using up the tomatoes! Thanks for sharing. I want to try this out. Hopefully there are lots this year so I can try it!