Sunday, March 2, 2014

Three week lemon trees

I have 17 beautiful little lemon trees growing! They will be getting transplanted tomorrow. I have read that they do not reproduce a true lemon. Not a big deal! I love the feel of the plants, they are silky and almost rubbery. They are about two inches tall at three weeks old. They did take about three weeks to germinate. See my previous post how I got them to actually grow.

Sooooo excited!

OK so I'm a garden geek.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gardening right into a bag of potting soil

I'm going to try this. My cousin Rose posted a link on Facebook and I had to do a bit more research. This link from Mother Earth News describes how to go about it.

Mother Earth News

This would work especially well in back yards with no garden space or very poor soil. I would certainly be using an organic mix. In the fall, I would discard the bags and use the soil in my garden to improve it's quality. I have clay soil and it's heavy. I put an awful lot of soil amendments like horse manure every year. The result is beautiful soil.

Here's their photo from their website to entice you over there. They have a wonderful site!