Friday, June 20, 2014

Growing Blueberries...continued from last Fall

 Last Fall, I had planted 12 different hardy to Saskatchewan blueberry bushes. Three of the low bush blueberries did not survive. They were fine until Spring and then just dried up. They'd been kept in a garage all Winter just above freezing and had been watered enough to keep them dormant.
I put them all on my deck because some were wanting to flower and by golly, I wanted my own blueberries this year, so out they went and of course the bees found them in record time. Because they had been in the garage, the silly things wanted to grow way too early. So when it got too cold, we hauled them all back in for the nights and put them in the sun during the day.

Last week, all the viable plants were planted into the garden and they are doing very well. We've had a cool wet Spring and so the plants did not suffer from sun burn of any sort. They do have berries on them and I will be netting them this week so the birds don't get to eat them before I do!

Next, I will proceed to add pine needles to the plant site as well as other mulch.

Can't wait to taste that first berry!

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