Monday, October 27, 2014

Blue Jays!

We have never seen Blue Jays in our area, that all changed about a week ago. We are thrilled to have two pair show up to feast on our maturing sunflower seeds.
At first they were quit skittish if we were outside. By the end of the second day, I could take a photo with my telephoto lens about 20 feet away. They are beautiful. We had seen them first as just a blue blurb flying through our yard. Now they decided to visit longer.
We aren't sure how long they are going to stay, hopefully the Winter. Some of them migrate and some of them stay behind. We are in the zone where they stay for the Winter.
In a couple of afternoons, we were surprised to see that they had cleaned out some of the sunflower heads that measure about a foot across.
I had to race out to pick a soup bowlful of seeds to dry for next year's garden. My cousin Paulette told me that they hoard seeds and stick them in all kinds of hiding places.

We were working outside in the nice afternoon sun close to the sunflowers. They were very vocal that they were not happy. One even swooped just above my head. We look forward to watching them daily.

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