Monday, March 2, 2015

Radishes for the garden

 Where we live, Cherry Belle radishes simply do not grow. They bolt, they go woody or don't form a radish at all. It's frustrating. So I started experimenting with different types of radishes. I found a winner.... called French Breakfast. They grow really well and take a lot longer to go woody. They taste good and are nice and crisp.

When seeding radishes, rototill the soil really well. Radishes are best grown early in the season as they prefer weather that is not too hot. Then seed your radishes as per the package. You don't want to seed them too close together, otherwise, they will do nothing and all you'll have are tops. I plant each seed about half an inch apart or more. Lightly cover with soil and water well.  I make several  plantings a week apart so that I have radishes for three weeks. The last bunch may not be as nice, depending on the weather and how hot it is.

I always leave a couple of plants to let the radishes flower and go into seed. Then, I have radish seed for the next season. It may be all in my head, but seed grown in my own garden seems to grow better in the following year. Once the pods are dry in late summer or fall, I pull the plant and take the seeds out of the pods. I do let the seed air dry in a shallow dish for a couple of months because I want to make sure the seed is very dry to store properly. I prefer to store seeds in a paper envelope rather than a plastic bag.

Give them a whirl!

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